How I’ll Work to Create a More Prosperous Leon County

Last Fall, When I launched my campaign for the Leon County Commission, I was frequently asked why I was running for office. Although our world has changed dramatically since then, my answer remains the same — I want to create a more prosperous future for every resident in Leon County.

As a lifelong resident of Leon County, I’ve been fortunate to see our community grow and change mostly for the better. I grew up in a trailer park on the west side of town and was able to take the lessons of my hard-working parents and turn them into my own middle-class dream. I don’t just want every citizen in Leon County to have the same opportunities as I did — I want my family, friends, and neighbors to do even better!

I believe our community can be a place where anyone can get ahead. No matter your background, race, gender, economic circumstances, or address, this community must be one that works for everyone who lives here. I’ve spent my whole career working with local governments across Florida to help deliver greater, more equitable prosperity for communities that often go overlooked. Now, as a candidate for the Leon County Commission, I want to apply my experience to the work being done to improve the place I call home.

Leon County has many things working in its favor — an abundance of physical infrastructure; training and retraining opportunities for developing and sustaining a diverse, highly trained pipeline of workforce talent; pristine and incomparable natural resources; distinctive and unique neighborhoods; and a high engagement level of our residents to name a few, but we also have challenges. We still need to diversify and grow our economic opportunities, public safety must become a commonality in every zip code, and our citizens must be able to have the highest possible level of trust in their government. I know how to make our strengths work to our advantage while also taking our challenges head-on. With your support, I am confident we can build a more prosperous Leon County.

My campaign has three top priorities, they aren’t the only things I plan to fight for, but they certainly are at the top of my list. Below are some further thoughts on how I’ll work to improve outcomes in our community.

Economic Opportunity – To build a stable community we must be able to provide our citizens access to a diverse economy with high-quality jobs.  My responsibility is to enable the development of a diverse local economy that produces a variety of job opportunities with great wages. We must focus on our existing businesses and attracting new companies focused on generating and sustaining high wage jobs with viable career paths; increasing the skills of our citizens so they can compete for high quality/wage jobs, and encourage entrepreneurship opportunities that can yield successful careers and generate jobs.

Public safety – The safety of every citizen, no matter what area of our county they live, must be the highest priority of our local government.  A commitment to building authentic and trustworthy relationships across our entire community is crucial. We will only see a sustainable decrease in crime when we expand economic opportunity and increase access to jobs and other services for all in our community.

Ethical Governance – My leadership style is grounded in unconditional integrity. I want to bring added transparency and another voice for ethical leadership to the County Commission. Good governance happens when institutions and their leaders combine a strong ethical foundation with strategic decision-making; I will bring that focus and integrity to the Leon County Commission. 

If you share my beliefs and want to support my campaign for the Leon County Commission, I hope you’ll consider a donation to our efforts. You can also help by placing a yard sign at your residence or business. Above all else, I hope to have your vote in the primary election on August 28th!

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