What does it mean to run for the Leon County Commission, At-Large?

Last Fall, I declared as a candidate for the Leon County Commission, At-Large Group 1. This is the seat currently being held by Commissioner Mary Ann Lindley. During the course of my campaign, I have had numerous Leon County citizens ask me what it means to run for an At-Large seat. As I continue to attend events, gatherings, and other campaign stops throughout Leon County, I always make sure to share a few key points about the seat I am running for and why it matters for every resident in our community.

With each conversation, I find that many voters have questions about what it means to run At-Large. I have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions here to provide citizens a quick guide to some important facts about the race.

What does it mean to run for the Leon County Commission, At-Large ?

In short, to run At-Large means that the election is held county-wide. Every registered voter in Leon County has a say in who will win this race. With such an incredibly diverse community, the prevailing candidate must be committed to representing the views and needs of all our citizens. Because of my experiences in both work and life, I believe I am the best candidate to do this job.

How does this race differ from other seats on the Leon County Commission?

There are seven seats on the Leon County Commission. Five are elected from specific districts in which candidates have to live in a certain area and only voters from the same area can participate in that election. There are also two seats elected from the entire county. I am running for one of those positions, the At-Large Group 1 seat.

Do the duties of an At-Large Commissioner differ from other Leon County Commissioners?

No, in fact, each Leon County Commissioner, regardless of how they are elected to office, has the responsibility of serving the entire county population. As one of seven votes on the Leon County Commission, I will work tirelessly to represent all citizens through a strong commitment to my priorities including ethical leadership, economic development, job training, reducing poverty, enhancing public safety, and creating opportunities to succeed for all segments of the community.

How does the election process work for the Leon County Commission?

During the primary election, candidates seeking the office of Leon County Commissioner will face off to determine who will advance to the general election. The top two candidates receiving votes will be deemed finalists for the office. Whoever gets the most votes of those two candidates in the general election will be declared the winner. Should any candidate receive fifty percent plus one vote in the primary election, they will be declared the winner and elected to office.

When will the election be held?

The primary election for all Leon County local races will be held on Tuesday, August 18, 2020. The general election will be held on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

Early voting and vote by mail are also available options. Early voting dates for the primary election are Saturday, August 8 through Sunday, August 16. For the general election, early voting will occur Monday, October 19 through Sunday, November 1.

Is this a partisan election?

No. The elections for the Leon County Commission are non-partisan.

Is there still time to register to vote?

Yes! All eligible Leon County citizens can register to vote for the primary election up until July 20, 2020. Registration for the general election runs until October 5, 2020. Citizens can register online via the Leon County Supervisor of Elections website.

Are there limits on campaign contributions?

Yes. Individuals opting to support candidates for the Leon County Commission are limited to donations of $250 per person. My grassroots campaign is powered by the family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues who I’ve built personal and professional relationships with over my life and career and I’d love to add you to my list of supporters. If you are interested in showing your financial support for the campaign you can make a secure donation at my online fundraising page.

Should you ever have a question about my campaign, where I stand, or other issues of importance to you please feel welcome to contact me directly by phone at (850)443-7103 or by email at jhendryj@comcast.net .

Thanks for your interest in my campaign and I hope to see you around our community soon!

Jeff Hendry, Candidate – Leon County Commission, At-Large